BBQ time

BBQ time


When I was growing up BBQs were mostly reserved for holidays. Maybe they did happen at home but I genuinely can’t remember any BBQs other than the ones we had when we were away in the caravan or when the whole cul-de-sac got together for a community BBQ once a year in the summer (this didn’t even happen every year).


BBQ-ing is now a regular part of my life, especially in the summer, and the familiar smell of the BBQ can be found drifting through the air all over the country throughout the summer months.


I think it’s due in part to the selection of cooking options available to us now. BBQs are getting more and more high tech (big green egg anyone?). We are also being heavily influenced by the well known American ‘grill’ and smoking meats. Cooking over fire is becoming ever more popular and the internet makes it a lot easier to find new and tasty recipes to try out. One of my favourite accounts to follow is @menwiththepot check them out for some amazing recipes that can be cooked outside over a firepit.


Here at Peake’s Retreats we love a bit of adventurous al fresco cooking. Each of our yurts has it’s own outdoor firepit, and you can find a trivet inside your yurt to use for cooking over your firepit. Did you see our firepit hot chocolate last year? Definitely one to try in the spring/autumn/winter months to keep you warm when sat around the firepit in the evening.


Here at the glampsite each yurt also benefits from a wood-burning stove which has a small oven compartment and the top of the stove acts as a hob. Last year we purchased gas stoves for each yurt for use when it is too hot to light the woodburner. We have several portable BBQ options that you can request to borrow (we take a small deposit which we give back to you when the BBQ is returned to us and has been cleaned up ready for the next guest).


Of course we have our 24 seater Finnish BBQ hut, which is perfect for larger groups to get together in colder months when you want to be enjoying the outdoor experience without being sat out in the elements, or if we get a typically British downpour in the summer months. This is Glamping not camping after all. Our BBQ hut works on a first come first served basis, we do not take bookings for this facility. Whilst you can use logs on the fire we do strongly advise using charcoal as the logs tend to get very smokey. You can purchase charcoal from us at £3.50 per1.25kg  instanlite bag or you are welcome to bring your own. We do ask that you clean the grill after use so that it is ready for the next guest to use.


If you want something a bit more familiar you can use our communal cooking cabin, located on the yurt field. Inside the cooking cabin you will find a large electric range cooker, as well as a fridge for each yurt (labelled with the name of your yurt). Another benefit of glamping over camping; those little luxuries and familiarities can really make a difference. Our cooking cabin also has 1 fridge per yurt, and your fridge is labelled with your yurt name. Please note we do NOT have a microwave anywhere onsite. Should you need to sterilise baby bottles we can provide an electric steriliser.  

Whichever option you choose for cooking why not pre-order one of our tasty BBQ meat hampers. 

We have 7 different hampers available to suit all group sizes and tastes with options ranging from the basic sausage and burger, to spatchcock chicken and minted lamb cutlets (our favourite). Hampers must be ordered a minimum of 48 hours before they are needed.

Please note charcoal, BBQ food etc are not included in your stay But Charcoal can be purchased for £3.50 per instant lite bag, and meat hampers added to your booking.


To order your BBQ hamper email and quote your booking reference.

Hampers are as described above and do not include bread, salad or other side dishes.