Our hot tubs

We get asked a lot about our hot tubs, so we thought now was a good time to go into a bit of detail about what you can expect to find onsite, what your accommodation will have access to and when/how you can use them.

At Peake's Retreats we currently have 4 hot tubs onsite. Two are private wood-fired hot tubs for Milne's Corner and Beaumont's Hideaway yurts and two are jacuzzi style hot tubs with jets for The Loft and Potter's Lodge

Previously we did have a central hot tub available for all guests to use on a booking system, but we thought that private hot tubs would be preferable, giving you the freedom to use them whenever you want without having to book during your stay.

if you are staying in Milne’s Corner or Beaumont's Hideaway we will empty, clean and re-fill your hot tub after the previous guests have left, a process which takes at least 2.5 hours in total. As soon as this is done we will light the fire in the hot tub wood-burner. We will keep checking the fire until 4pm (checkin time) or it reaches 36 degrees- whichever comes first. During your stay you are responsible for lighting and heating your hot tub. If you are struggling to get it warm do let us know and we will be able to assist you. Please note that although there is usually someone around to help, we are not a site that is manned 24hrs a day and therefore please give us as much notice as possible if you need assistance as we may not be there to respond straightaway.

To light your fire, please follow the instructions that are provided via email prior to your stay. For the most enjoyment from our wood fired hot tub we recommend thoroughly showering before jumping in. You will notice a drastic change in the colour of the water if you don’t.

All of our hot tubs are open air, with no cover above them. Although we have gone backwards and forwards as to whether or not to put a cover over them, we have consulted with many of our guests and we have ultimately decided that it is nice to be able to look at the stars at night and enjoy the various weathers in them.

They can be used in all weather except storms, and many people actually enjoy the experience of sitting in the hot tub in the rain or snow.

So what are the hot tub rules other than the opening and closing hours and quiet times?

  • First of all we ask that you shower before entering. The quality of the water is drastically affected when guests don't shower before entering. Not only does a small amount of general dirt enter the hot tub (sorry guys you may think you are super clean but we all get dirty throughout the day) but so does sweat, body lotions and soaps, all of which affect the PH balance and general colour of the hot tub water. A PH balance that isn't neutral can result in a foaming hot tub (as can soaps and body lotions) as well as irritated skin. It has also been proven that hot tubs are safe and will neutralise Covid-19 as long as the PH is kept in balance.

  • Secondly we ask that you use the steps provided for entering and exiting the hot tubs. We don't want any accidents.

  • Children are permitted to use our hot tubs at their parent/guardians discretion, pregnant women are also permitted to use the hot tub at their own discretion, although we advise speaking to your Dr/ midwife first, please be aware that we keep our Loft hot tub set at 36-37 degrees, and it can be turned up to a maximum of 40 degrees. These temperatures would usually be considered too hot for children. The wood-fired hot tubs do not have a thermostat and the temperature is set by the guest by controlling the fire. Any under 16s using the hot tubs must be supervised by a responsible adult when using any of our hot tubs

  • It is very important that NO glass at all is taken into the hot tub areas. We provide plastic cups and 'glasses' so that you may take drinks into the hot tub areas if desired, but please do not take glassware (including bottles) into the area as there is a risk of glass being broken in the hot tub and not noticed, which main lead to serious injuries. It is advised that you do not drink alcohol when in the hot tub as the heat and alcohol together can have a dehydrating affect and make you quite ill. However guests are permitted to drink alcohol in the hot tub at their own risk.

  • Smoking is absolutely NOT permitted in any of our hot tubs, in the past we have found ash, cigarette butts and packets of cigarettes in the hot tubs, at this point we have to close the hot tubs to be thoroughly cleaned which disrupts not only yourselves but potentially other guests who may be arriving. If we have to close the hot tub for unexpected cleaning a fee of £70 will be incurred.

  • We ask that you do not sit or stand on the lid of the hot tub. They are not designed to withstand any weight and can easily become broken, at which point charges would be incurred for the guest, and a replacement lid is around £500. Please be especially vigilant with children who seem drawn to sit on the hot tub lids.

  • We  also ask that you do not jump or dive into the hot tub, and this includes children. Not only is their a risk of injury when doing this but you will also cause water to flow out of the hot tub which may put the water level below the recommended level and cause damage to the jets which can get airlocks in them. If you find the hot tub looking particularly low (this can sometimes happen after groups have used it) do let us know so we can top it up immediately.

  • Please do not place any of the lids on muddy ground. This transfers to the hot tub itself when replaced and makes for extra cleaning.

  • Quiet hours are from 10pm -7am and although we do allow use of the hot tubs until 11pm we ask that you are aware of these quiet hours as we will pop round and ask you to keep the noise down if it is excessive. Repeat offences of excessive noise will be asked to leave the site immediately. This also applied to exclusive site bookings.

  • Finally please replace the lid after you have used the hot tub. The lids are very light and can easily be replaced by two people. Not only is the lid insulated to keep the hotter warm for your enjoyment, but it also makes it more economical, so it will use less electricity/logs to heat.If you do struggle to replace the lid then please just let us know and we can come and help.
These rules form part of your booking agreement with us.

We currently use bromine along with other chemicals to keep the hot tubs sanitary, but it is still very important that you shower after using them.

Please note that we do have to change the water and clean the loft and Potter's Lodge hot tubs as well, and when we do this it takes roughly 18 hours to reach it's desired temperature (as well as 2 hours to empty and re-fill). We always try and do this when it won't affect guests, but during busy periods where we do not have much time between guests you may find the hot tub out of use for cleaning or a bit on the cold side as it heats back up. Peake's Retreats will NOT offer any compensation for this as it is essential maintenance that needs to be done for your safety and comfort.